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Nurturing the Environment

A healthy global environment is essential for maintaining our business and building a sustainable society.

Astellas has an Environment Action Plan, which drives our measures to combat global warming and reduce waste and pollution. In fiscal year (FY) 2015 we made important progress, achieving several targets within the plan.

FY2015 outcome Global target Status
Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 162,000 tons, down 30.8% from the FY2005 level Reduce GHG emissions by 35% or more from the FY2005 level by the end of FY2020 In progress
Water withdrawal 10,269 m3, 76.3% of the level in FY2005 Reduce water withdrawal to 80% or less of the FY2005 level by the end of FY2015 Achieved
Biodiversity Index* 3.18 times the figure recorded in FY2005 Raise the Index to triple the FY2005 level by the end of FY2020 Achieved
* Created by Astellas to assess the three main factors responsible for the deterioration of biodiversity; environmental pollution, resource consumption and climate change

Building a green business

Our new offices and facilities are based on green design principles and built using environmentally-friendly construction methods.

Opened in December 2012, Mirai House in Leiden, the Netherlands, highlights our commitment to reducing our environmental impact – and it’s a showcase for new technologies that enable workplaces to run more cleanly and efficiently.

The combined office-laboratory complex in Leiden’s Bio Science Park has a host of features designed to make the 750 employees who work there feel at home while reducing their energy consumption by huge margins.

Maximising energy and water use

Mirai House is heated in winter and cooled in summer by a thermal energy storage system, and staff travel between floors in energy-efficient lifts. A large proportion of its 16,000m2 floorspace benefits from natural light, which contributes to employee well-being. Its energy-saving lighting features also include presence detection and daylight correction lighting (which create savings of 25 per cent on the cost of lighting).

There are water saving measures that reduce consumption (by 40 per cent), as well as sedum roofs that insulate heat and sound while absorbing particulate matter and water.

A building fit for life

There’s a staff restaurant and 150 bike parking spaces for health-conscious employees, with showers throughout. It’s an impressive, thoroughly modern home for our Leiden employees.

Award-winning building design

Mirai House has already been awarded with a BREEAMTM ‘Good’ certificate for its design by the Dutch Green Building Council and has now received a BREEAM ‘Very Good’ certificate for the actual construction and end result. Mirai House is one of the first combined office/lab buildings to receive this BREEAM certificate, the world’s foremost sustainability rating system for building design.

Added to that, its landmark location, at the gates of the Leiden Bio Science Park, positions Astellas both literally and figuratively at the forefront of Bioscience in the Netherlands.

An award-winning office

On 30th November 2012, Astellas Poland moved into an environmentally friendly office. The new building has been awarded a LEED Core & Shell Gold certificate by the Green Building Certification Institute and features:

  • Energy-saving lighting – saving 25% on energy costs
  • Water-saving taps  – cutting water waste by 40%
  • Lower CO2 emissions – reducing the office’s carbon footprint by 30%
  • Glass walls that can be dismantled and rebuilt elsewhere in the office, saving on building costs

Designed for comfort and cooperation

The new office, which improves on the previous location by accommodating all employees on the same floor, makes everyday co-operation easier and promotes interaction amongst teams. There are also innovations to promote employee comfort, such as access to natural light for almost 100% of staff, showers and 150 parking places for bicycles.

Chipping away at CO2 emissions

With the commissioning of a wind turbine and wood chip boiler at Astellas’ manufacturing site in Kilorglin in Ireland, Astellas has got one step closer to meeting the company’s tough environmental targets. By 2020, all manufacturing plants must reduce CO2 emissions to 45% of 2005 levels.

Energy savings

The 2MW wood chip boiler allows the company to take advantage of a locally-sourced viable alternative to oil. It provides over 90% of the site’s thermal load, resulting in an annual reduction of over 730,000 litres of oil and 2,116 tonnes of CO2 emissions. The 800kW wind turbine provides 23% of the plant’s electrical requirements, cutting the site’s CO2 emissions by over 1,000 tonnes a year. Both projects have been seamlessly integrated into the company’s energy infrastructure, showcasing how renewable technologies can be assimilated into a modern manufacturing facility.

External recognition

The project has won one of Ireland’s highly respected Sustainable Energy Awards. The judges commented, ‘The project was exceptionally executed and project managed and demonstrates a significant commitment from Astellas senior management to reduce their impact on the environment.’

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